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The World's Most Efficient

PV Direct Pool System

Exclusive, patent-protected solar hybrid control system

You not only save big dollars off your annual energy bills, you also need far less pool chemicals.

The Solflow Hybrid Pool System, a world-first designed right here in Australia, heats and filters your pool – keeping it sparkling clean and at the right temperature all year round – using solar energy when the sun is shining, then switching seamlessly to mains power when it is cloudy to maintain continuous, efficient operation.

Why Choose SolFlow PV Direct Hybrid Pool System?

Australian creativity and inventiveness
One pump for heating & filtering
Designed & manufactured especially for Australian conditions
A world leader in PV Direct technology and products
Lower energy costs than conventional solar
24/7 operation; set & forget
Ultra quiet performance
Zero emissions
Energy independence
Long term product warranty
Super efficient, long life brushless DC motor
No approval required from electricity supplier

Hybrid Controller

At the heart of the SolFlow system sits a smart technology hybrid controller that can switch seamlessly between solar energy or mains electricity, as required. When the sun is shining, 100% of the pump’s power needs are generated from solar panels on your roof.

If it gets cloudy then the system automatically switches to mains electricity; a power-sharing arrangement that keeps your pool sparkling clean – and at just the right temperature – all year round for a much lower cost!

PoolPumpEnclosure_wshdw copy.png

And the Solflow System’s Hybrid Technology offers you so many more advantages:


The pump can prime first thing in the morning, which is something that a traditional solar-pool system cannot do.


Should a cloud come over the PV Array, the pump will not stall and put the chlorinator on standby; it simply continues to run at a set minimum speed. Again this can’t be done with a traditional solar pool system.


The system’s brushless DC pump can be operated in the evening if the pool is in use. Brushless DC (Direct Current) motors are almost twice as efficient as AC (Alternating Current) motors.


The heating control is incorporated into the Solflow controller itself, which means both heating and filtering is achieved with the ONE solar powered pump.


The system even incorporates both dry and wet season settings, so you can just ‘set and forget’ and enjoy the pool along with the rest of the family all year round.

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How it works

The SolFlow system has an ultra-quiet pool pump powered by a brushless DC permanent magnet motor that draws its energy from solar panels. The system can be used for a wide range of pool sizes, with pumps ranging from 180 litres per minute up to a powerful 1000 litres per minute.


Solar Panels generate DC electricity

Optional inverter sends
excess PV power to home or grid connection when energy is not required by pool pump 

Hybrid controller sends DC power to pool pump, no inverter required

Solflow Pool Pump Hybrid Technology increases the amount of usable power from solar panels as it becomes available and only draws ‘mains’ power when required.

Pool pump can be used
to pump water into heating system

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